Secure file-sharing and communication.

Email and file-sharing like you're used to, now fully encrypted from person to person.

Laptop showing the Skotty-interface with files being shared
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Our promise and signature. Everything you do with Skotty is reinforced by best-in-class security.

End-to-End Encryption

Share confidential and private information, knowing that it can only be read by you and the recipient. Not even Skotty can access it.

Audit trails and control

Keep track of the information shared in your organisation, retract messages and files when accidents happen and see if your messages are read.

Two-factor Authentication as standard

All Skotty accounts have two-factor authentication enforced, preventing hackers from gaining access to your private information.

Zero knowledge and privacy by design

The best way of protecting your information, is by not knowing it. Skotty is designed to store only encrypted information on our servers.

Independently verified security

The Skotty Application source-code will be made open source and is verified by external auditors. We take your security seriously.

Spaceship in flight


We are making privacy and security understandable for everybody, by providing a simple and beautiful user experience.


Skotty works in your webbrowser. You or your contacts don't have to install any software to start communicating securely on any device.


We spent a lot of time designing a user interface that's beautiful, but also very clear. It's brand new, and yet you already know how to use it.


Because Skotty is web-based, it works on almost any device that talks internet. In fact, we support over 90% of the webbrowsers used today.

Share with anyone

You can share with anyone, even if the recipient does not have a Skotty-account already. Just enter their email-address and get started.

Large files

Skotty does not impose any limits on the files you share. Whether you send a spreadsheet or video footage, Skotty can handle it.

Laptop showing the Skotty-interface with an activity feed

Share without boundaries

We believe it is everybody's right to communicate without worrying about their conversations being eavesdropped on.
With Skotty, you can share freely in every sense of the word.

Keep track of your information

We combine best-in-class messaging with a comprehensive activity history, so you can see what happens in your conversations.