Protected from person to person

Skotty has state of the art end-to-end encryption, making sure your conversations can only be accessed by those who should have access.

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Illustration of the Skotty-application with a text-cloud


Illustration of the Skotty-application with a lock inside of it


End-to-end encryption

Skotty encrypts your files and messages before they leave your computer, and only decrypts them on the device of the recipient. This means your information is always protected, even during a data-breach or wiretapping.

Unlike with other services, only you have access to the keys neccessary to unlock your conversations.

Two computers with data being transmitted between them directly
Two computers with data being transmitted between them directly

Two-factor authentication by default

All Skotty-accounts have two-factor authentication enabled by default, preventing unauthorized access by requesting an additional identification token.

This also provides you with more peace-of-mind as a sender, as you can be sure the recipient can never be an imposter.

Message activity and digital signatures

Message activity provides you with meaningful insights in your conversations. At a glance, you can see what information was shared, with who and if the recipient has read your message or downloaded your file. You can even retract messages after you have sent them.

All messages sent with Skotty are digitally signed by default, so we can assure you that messages can never be altered by unauthorized third parties, protecting you against fraud.

An phone showing a list of activities in a conversation
An eye with it's view being obstructed by a red cross

Zero knowledge

Skotty was designed to know as little as possible about it's users, that's why Skotty can't read your messages, files or even the subject of your conversation.

With our encryption-technology, your information is only for your eyes and for those you choose to share it with.