Focus on security and ease of use

Email and file-sharing like you're used to, now totally secure and fully encrypted from person to person.

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Illustration of the Skotty-application with a text-cloud


Illustration of the Skotty-application with a lock inside of it


Compose-window with large video-archive as attachment

Unlimited file sizes

Send unlimited file sizes via Skotty without worrying about limits. With our advanced technology, we provide limitless and secure file-sharing in any desired file format.

Keep track of every activity in a conversation

Get full insight in all actions of yourself and other users in one clear overview. What files have been down- and uploaded, which messages have been read and which users have been added or removed. You gain access and keep track of your file traffic and conversations by using audit trails within Skotty.

Compose-window with large video-archive as attachment
Alert window prompting the deletion of a message

Retract messages

Have you sent a message by accident? No problem, with Skotty you can delete and pull back a sent message from anyone. It gives you better control over your online conversations and it makes you feel more confident in external communications.

On any device, no software installation needed

Deploy instant communication and file-sharing in a day. Skotty is a web application that works with all modern web browsers. This means that users and IT administrators do not have to install any software.

Skotty is immediately available on every device, making it perfect for all users on the road and for those who work on personal devices. Even non-Skotty users can view the information sent to them without any obstacles.

Laptop showing the Skotty-application