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Finance: Share quarterly reports with peace of mind.

Accountants, administration offices, financial institutions, payrolling companies and insurance companies send and receive daily confidential financial or competition-sensitive information such as budgets, annual reports, employment – and business contracts. It would be unacceptable if this information ended up in the wrong hands.

Skotty offers a very concrete solution for this communication problem. With the highest standard of security, financial professionals can share confidential files with their partners and clients, while also complying with GDPR regulations.

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Education: Communicate with parents and colleagues securely.

Educational institutions communicate a lot with various third parties. Mainly sensitive personal data such as reports, treatment plans, care files, parent conversations and progress reports are often shared and stored unsafe. With the new GPDR legislation, schools are obliged to arrange this properly, but most schools are not equipped for this because of lack of time, knowledge and financial means.

Skotty can provide a quick, simple and financially attractive solution for the safe primary communication flows of educational institutions, including the guarantee of everyone's privacy. Thanks to Skotty's secure solution, all communication and file sharing can be well organized and GPDR legislation is met.

Healthcare: Show patients that their security matters

The combination of increasing demand for healthcare in general and a tighter labor market requires a focus on innovation in the healthcare sector.

Due to the large growth of healthcare providers, it is important that their communication runs smoothly and safely, because this means that the amount of shared personal data of people in need of care also increases proportionally. In addition, care providers such as informal caregivers will be less closely connected to a care organisation, so it can’t be assumed that they communicate according to secure safety standards.
With Skotty, documents such as patients medical records and prescriptions can be transferred directly between caregivers or medical specialists, guaranteeing the integrity and protection of his or her medical data. In this way, the GPDR regulations are complied with and no unnecessary risks of data breaches of medical data arise. Privacy and security first!

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Manufacturing: Protect your blueprints and intellectual property.

For companies in the manufacturing industry, constant development is important and innovation is a must. Intellectual Property (IP) is therefore an 'asset' that deserves good digital protection. You simply want to avoid leaking this information because it is sensitive to competition and it can directly influence the value of a company.

Therefore, every reason to properly protect the communication and sharing of IP digitally and to prevent leakage. Skotty enables teams to collaborate safely on innovation by allowing them to easily share sensitive and business-critical information such as designs, codes, contracts and files via the Skotty application. With its most advanced security and end-to-end encryption, Skotty ensures that the leakage of crucial information is prevented, making Skotty itself one of the most business-critical applications for companies in the making industry.