Frequently asked questions

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What is Skotty?

Skotty is a messaging and file-sharing platform that allows you to communicate like you're used to, but fully encrypted from person to person.

All conversations and files shared are secured with end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing only the sender and the recipient have access to your messages. Skotty can't read your messages either.

Is Skotty free?

Skotty is completely free for personal use, but has Pro- and Company-plans with features designed for businesses and enterprises.

How do I get started?

You can try Skotty by clicking on "Sign Up" and entering your email address. You will receive an email to verify your account, after which you're ready to create your profile and start using Skotty.

What do I need to install get started?

Nothing! Skotty works in any modern web-browser, so you most likely don't have to install anything. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Firefox work best.

While Internet Explorer is also supported, it limits the size of the files you can send to approximately 200 megabytes.

Can I use my own email-address?

Yes, you can use any email address you want.

Messaging and file-sharing

Can I send a message to everyone?

Yes! You can send information to everyone even if the recipient doesn't have a Skotty-account.

You need to share the conversation code to the recipient without an account to give them access to the messages and files.

Why do I need to send a code to a recipient without an account?

The code is an extra way of verification and protects your conversation against unauthorized access. Share the code through a different -secure- channel (preferably not email).

How can I send a file?

When composing a message, an attachment-button is shown next to the Send-button. You can add any type of file to your message.

How can I download a file?

You can download files by clicking the Download-button in the file-description.

Privacy and security

Why is Skotty more secure than other platforms and email?

With Skotty's end-to-end encryption your messages, files and conversations are protected by a key that only you and the recipient have access to.

We also protect you against human-errors, by providing you a comprehensive audit-trail that shows what information was sent and if it was opened. You can even retract messages after they have been sent.

How does Skotty protect my data?

Skotty was designed to know as little as possible about you. It encrypts your messages, files and conversations before they get sent, making sure even we can't read what is inside.

Each message and file has it's own unique encryption key, ensuring perfect-forward-secrecy.

All information on Skotty's servers is encrypted and backed up automatically.

What is end-to-end encryption?

Your messages and files are encrypted on your computer and only decrypted on the recipients computer, prevents third-parties from gaining access to them.

What is a backup-code?

A backup-code gives you one-time access your account if you lose your phone used for two-factor authentication. Make sure to download your backup codes when creating an account and store them at a safe place.

What is a message recovery-code?

If you lose your password, you can use your message recover-code to regain access to your previously received and sent messages. Make sure to download your message recovery-code when creating an account and store it at a safe place.

It is very important that you do not lose this code, should you lose both your password and message recovery-code, you will no longer be able to access your previous conversations.